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Robert Ingersol, one of the most renowned atheists of the past century once pulled his pocket watch out after one of his addresses and declared “According to the Bible, God has struck men to death for blasphemy. I will blaspheme Him and give Him 5 minutes to strike me dead and damn my soul.” Then he cursed God.

There was a period of perfect silence while one minute went by; 2 minutes passed, and people began to get nervous; 3 minutes and a woman in the audience fainted; 4 minutes and Ingersol curled his lip.

At five minutes, he snapped shut his watch, put it in his pocket, and said: “You see, there is no God, or He would have taken me at my word.”

* The type of God Ingersol envisioned was one who stood angrily waiting for any man or woman to curse Him or commit some foul deed so that He could reach down, scoop them up in His hand and
crush the life from their bodies.

* The Bible paints us a different picture – “God does not desire that any should perish…” “For God so loved the world…”

* Another man who heard of Ingersol’s demonstration noted: “And did this American think he could exhaust the patience of God in 5 minutes?