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John 3:16 gives a view of the world that is like a fish bowl with an open top, with God able to reach in and change the order of things.

Carl Sagan believes that the universe is a closed system – a “closed fishbowl.” Which in effect causes him to see no hope beyond the “reasoning of man,” and what man can accomplish. He wants to spend billions sending non-random radio signals into space, in the hope that some E.T. will reply. When asked why, he said “When we know who they are, then we’ll know who we are.” The emptiness of relying on man’s guidelines to establish truth can be illustrated in the events which began in the fall of 1992, when a young man enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley. He decided to not wear any clothes at anytime: to class, meals, or walking around campus. Now, the students complained, the faculty winced & the administration searched for rules which he had broken. No such rules were in place, so they created one forbidding public display of nudity, kicked him out, and then, on advice of counsel, rescinded the rule, and begged him to return apologizing for having infringed on his rights of free expression! The University finally ridded themselves of the sticky situation with “the naked man” only when some female students claimed that his behavior constituted “sexual harassment.” It took a “Politically correct” crime to trip him up. He finally was thrown out in February of 1993, presumably on his bare bottom.