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Zacharias: Yes this 26-year-old cosmonaut orbited the earth and returned safely, climaxing a monumental feat for humankind. Sometime later, speaking at the World’s Fair and savoring his moment of glory, he recounted his experience. In a rather pretextual pronouncement, on a triumphalistic note, he let it be known that on his excursion into space he hadn’t seen God. Upon hearing of this exuberant argument from silence, someone quipped, “Had he stepped out his space suit he would have!”

Now, the skeptic loves to lay blame at the religionists door for killing many people in the name of religion, which obviously has happened in the history of our world. In my book, however, I try to point out that where the so-called Christian has done this it’s an illogical and unjustified leap from the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. But where the atheist indulges in violence, it is the logical outworking of a philosophy without God – Such as Nietzsche’s. Unless we wake up to the fact, this century is only going to bring more bloodshed: our nation is already witnessing it.