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We are sorry to inform you, but God will not be available during the summer, beginning July 1. We have it from reliable sources that He feels He deserves some time off, so has canceled His normal duties for the summer.

However, He has agreed to send the sun and rain occasionally, when He happens to be in town. But so far as answering prayers for the needs of your family, please don’t count on Him.

God has let it be known to the church leadership that they should not plan any outreach efforts or mission trips during the summer. Or at least if they do, they will have to do it without Him because He plans to be gone a lot to relatives and the lake. God has expressed the opinion that we should find somebody else to take His place.

Yes, we reminded Him of His promise, “Surely I will be with you always.” But He said He didn’t realize when He said it that it meant going for 2 or 3 years without a break. He expressed His sincere regrets and hopes that it will not cause anyone any inconvenience.

God may be contacted anytime after September 1, at which time He hopes to “get back into the routine.” Please defer all requests until then.