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A preacher friend of mine named Mike told of his conversion to Christ. He told me his family was known throughout the community as the worst examples of humanity. The parents were irresponsible. The kids were troublemakers. They lived like animals, even eating food out of trashcans.

Everyone who saw them thought, “That’s just who they are. That’s all they’ll ever be. They’ll never change.”

But Mike did.

There came a point at which he heard the powerful message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and he decided that was what he wanted for his life. He believed in Jesus, repented of his sins, and was buried in the waters of baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. He eventually became a preacher and part of his ministry reached into his family – of whom he baptized several.

Then one day, Mike was at the funeral of his brother-in-law. One of the women who were there (and who had not seen him since his conversion) spoke with him and she said that she was amazed at the change that had taken place in his life. She was surprised at what HE had made of himself.

Mike responded: “Oh I really appreciate your compliment, but I really didn’t change myself. It was Christ IN ME that brought about the changes in my life.”