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Here are some interesting statistics:

1. If your parents worshipped with you regularly while you were growing up, chances are 80% that you will worship God regularly too.

2. If only your mother worshipped regularly with you, chances are only 30% that you will worship regularly.

Now here’s the catch…

3. If only your father worshipped regularly with you, chances are still 70% that you will worship regularly as an adult.

Interpretation, Fathers have a great impact on their children’s faith and values. That’s pretty obvious. But there may be a more important conclusion: If only Mom is nurturing the kid’s faith, then it is easy, especially for boys, to conclude that faith is a female thing, and that it is easier for children to dump it as they get older. If Dad stays home on Sunday, the message is clear: “Faith is not important to Dad, and if it’s not important to Dad it need not be important to the kids.”