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I dreamed that God took a vacation He did not say where He would go
He just left us to on a journey & where He went I’m not sure that I know
He wearied and tired of much praying and listening to every weak plea.
Two weeks were just what he’d been needing away from the world & me.

Just then I was faced with a crisis – heart was in deep despair,
My preacher, my friend, nor my neighbors could help with answers to prayer
Oh how I longed for His presence, the touch of his soothing calm hand
To feel he was there close beside me, & to know that He’d understand.

I woke up to find out I was dreaming, & fell on my knees and I cried
Oh, how I thanked God up in Heaven that He was still there by my side
And again, it is time for vacations. I may go by land, sea or air,
Wherever I am on the Lord’s Day, I know I shall worship Him there.