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Too Busy                                                                20%
No Particular Reason                                        19%
No Interest in a Church                                    14%
Had Bad Experience with churches            12%
Don’t believe in God/Christ                            8%
Don’t believe in organized religion              7%
No preference or strong ties to church       5%
Other                                                                        5%
Don’t Need a church to worship God          4%
Inconvenient Location                                      3%
Just Stopped Going                                            3%

According to George Barna (“Understanding Ministry Seminar”), the top 4 reasons (65%) all have to do with the same thing. What people are saying is that churches have no value or visible benefit. “I don’t see what the church has to offer me.” Unchurched people are not against religion, or faith, they want relevance. “Is the church relevant to me?”