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It was the first Thursday night of October 1984, at the age of 42, when I realized that all that I had been teaching for 18 years as a “Pentecostal” had been “false doctrine” and that I was like the “blind leading the blind.” That Thursday night of October 1984 changed my life, my thinking, and my understanding of the “Word of God.” I was invited to a “Gospel Meeting” at the Sandstone Drive Church of Christ, Little Rock, AR. (I had never been to a Lord’s church in my life.) Chris Bullock, of Kansas City, MO was to be the speaker.

I consented to go with the attitude that I would be able to shed some light on his teaching and thus convince others of their wrong. Something happened: what was preached was what I had secretly believed all my adult life.

One did not have to come to an “altar,” cry out, beg and plead for mercy to receive forgiveness.

One did not have to come again to the “altar” to “seek for the infilling of the Holy Spirit,” which was promised to believers.

One did not have to “utter” confusion in an attempt to show one has the gift of “speaking in tongues.”