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10. It puts us in Christ (Galatians 3:27/Romans 6:30). Read the book of Ephesians, especially the first chapter, and see all the wonderful benefits we have from being in Christ. There are many. When we are in Christ, we are blessed indeed. Throughout the scriptures watch for those two words, “in Christ, ” and then you will discover why you and everyone you know need to be “in Christ,” and it’s baptism that puts us there.

9. It places us in the Church (Acts 2:41/Acts 2:47). Those baptized on Pentecost were added to the Lord’s church. God added them. They didn’t join. No one can “join the Church.” God adds us to the church. What a privilege that is, to be a part of the body of Christ. It is in the Church where we can find love and acceptance, fellowship, and that sense of belonging that we all need. The church gives us opportunities to serve others and make a difference in their lives.

8. It is where we receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). Sometimes we just rush right past this part of Acts 2:38. It seems many of us feel uncomfortable talking about the Holy Spirit. We need to understand that it is the Holy Spirit in us that helps us live the Christian life. It is the Holy Spirit in us that opens our eyes to the scripture and helps us understand the deep treasures God has to offer us. We need to understand that the Fruit of the Spirit, which we all are to have, is produced in us by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:9 tells us that if “we do not have the Spirit of Christ, we are none of His. ” It is in baptism where our Father gives us His gift of the Holy Spirit.

7. It is where we get “double protection” (Romans 6:3/Acts 2:38). Now this may be a strange thought to some of you, but think about this for a minute. We are baptized into Christ, and we have the Holy Spirit living in us. So, we are in Christ and His Spirit is in us. We are “doubled sealed” for our protection. Can you see how hard it is for Satan to get to us when we are in Christ and the Spirit is in us? This should encourage us to know that we are in a place where, through God’s gifts, we do not have to sin. Sin is no longer our Master! (Romans 6:14)

6. It is where we receive a new life (Romans 6:4). In baptism we get an opportunity to start over. We have a new life, a new life in Christ. The past is just that, “the past.” We begin afresh. For those who have ever said, “I wish I can start life over,” baptism is that place. When we talk to those outside of Christ, we need to let them know that they can start their life over with a clean slate. We need to tell them from that day forward they can ask God for forgiveness and if they are sincere He will give them another chance. Baptism is where this gift of grace begins.

5. It gives us the answer of a good conscience (1 Peter 3:21). Ever have a guilty conscience? It will keep you up at night. It will cost not only your sleep but your peace of mind. Very few things are as disturbing as a guilty conscience. When we know we’ve done something wrong or that we have hurt others, it can really eat away at you. This is just as true, or more so, with God. You know you’ve sinned against a righteous God and that you will have to answer. That thought can keep you up at night and even bring some fear into your life. Baptism takes that away and clears your conscience. I have heard some people say, after their baptism, “I got the best sleep last night that I have had in a long time.” No wonder, you now have a clear conscience. That is a good sleep aid.

4. It is a good sermon. No scripture on this, however, it seems that one of the best sermons that can be preached on baptism is for people to see a baptism. Yes, we should baptize people as soon as they come to the knowledge of what they need to do. (“Same hour of the night.”) Yet, there is something great about having a lot of witnesses to a baptism. It ties those there with the person being baptized. It allows those who have not been baptized to see what it is like and to know how it is done. It gives another opportunity to teach an object lesson on baptism. Some might ask, “What does that mean? Why, did they do that?” This opens the door for us to teach about the need and purpose of baptism.

3. It is a great reason to celebrate. Remember Acts 8:39, “and the eunuch whet on his way, rejoicing. ” Nothing brings more joy to an assembly than seeing someone baptized. When someone comes and is baptized, those in the assembly should stay there and greet their new brother or sister in Christ. Don’t be running off to the local restaurant for lunch. Stay and join the celebration. Join in on the smiling, the hugging, and the rejoicing. It will help. You will have a better day.

2. It gives us an opportunity to be buried before we die (Romans 6:4). When we gave our life to Christ, we died to sin. Scripture teaches us that when we become a Christian we die in our past. We put the past behind us. We are dead. So, what do you do with someone who is dead? You bury them. Our old self was buried with Christ when we were baptized. We left the old man in the grave and a new man was brought up out of the water. All I can say to that is, “Good riddance.”

1. It saves us by taking away our sins (Mark I6:16/Acts 2:38/Acts 22:16/1 Peter 3:21). There seems to be nothing taught more clearly in scripture than this. It is in baptism where our sins are forgiven. Different words are used, but they all mean the same thing. You can’t be saved without having sins forgiven. Acts 2:38 and Acts 22:16 teach baptism is where our sins are forgiven (washed away). Jesus said, “He that believes and is baptized, will be saved… (Mark 16:16).” Peter says, “The like figure whereunto baptism doth also now save us ” (1 Peter 3:21). Honestly, it is hard to figure out how people miss this. If people would just read the Bible and the Bible only they would come to the same conclusion. It seems in this area you have to be taught to believe the wrong way. Any plan of salvation that does not include baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, is not the plan given in the New Testament.

Most likely the other writers have said pretty close to what I have said. There is only so much anyone can say. Baptism is a beautiful thing to see. It is so meaningful and moving. This is a wonderful gift God has given us. Maybe, if we would present it more in a positive way, more would come and say “See here is water, what hinders me from being baptized. “