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“Peter replied, ‘Repent and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’” (Acts 2:38).

Pat Summerall spent 50 years with the National Football League. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1952 and played with the Chicago Cardinals and New York Giants until 1961. After his retirement from the game, he joined CBS as a broadcaster, and in 1993 switched to Fox. During his CBS years, he and a fellow broadcaster partied hard off the field. “We raised Cain. I was the first guy at the bar and the last to leave.” Summerall was told that if he kept on drinking he was going to die.

After checking himself into the Betty Ford Clinic, his counselor urged him to seek a better life through faith. At age 66, Pat Summerall was baptized. In USA Today he told a reporter that when the minister “leaned me back in the water, I never felt so helpless.” Summerall testified, “I knew I just became a Christian. I can’t tell you how great life has been since then.”

Baptism is a faith response to the gospel of Christ. In baptism, we are indeed helpless. We are sinners in the hands of a merciful God. Every penitent, baptized believer in the whole, wide world is promised the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. There is no work involved. We are helpless… But God will help us!

“What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”