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Edwin Kagin, national director of the American Atheists, conducted a mass “de-baptism” during a recent conference using a blow-dryer to symbolically “dry up the offending waters” that were sprinkled on the heads of participants during religious ceremonies as young children. Kagin said baptism and fundamental religious education “teaches children that the world works in other ways than it does” and even aligned it with terrorism and a weakening of the nation.

Interestingly, Kagin’s son serves as a fundamentalist minister in Kansas, and Kagin himself cannot deny his son’s claims of a personal revelation in Christ. When asked about his son’s faith, Kagin admits, “I am totally unable to say it’s not true…(my son and I) just understand there are certain things we can’t, at this point, talk about.” Kagin says he sees the conflict between atheists and believers as “America’s religious civil war” and bad manners are a reasonable weapon in it, but he also said it was unlikely that atheists would emerge victorious: “There are far too many believers.