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Thomas advocated family values and faith. “When I was 11 years old, my adoptive grandmother took me to Michigan’s Gull Lake to be baptized by immersion,” Thomas wrote in his 1995 book, Well Done! “I really felt that I was accepted by God when I was baptized. But what I remember most about my baptism was that my Grandma Minnie made it happen. For her, Christianity meant more than doctrine you talked about on Sundays… It meant teaching her grandson about faith.”

Dave had it all — fame, fortune and one of the best hamburgers in America. Who could want for more? But when Dave’s heart began to fail and finally cancer took his life it wasn’t who will get my money? Who will run the business? Who can I pass my fame on to? No, it was his grandmother’s faith that he grabbed on to. The faith his grandmother exhibited to him is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that carried him from earth to glory.

Can’t you just see Dave knocking at the pearly gates and saying, Where’s the beef?