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As a successful newsman, he seemed to have everything the world could offer. One bright Sunday morning in 1971 while he and his wife were vacationing, they slipped into a little white clapboard church in Cove Creek, Arizona.

The minister announced his subject — baptism. The newsman yawned but became attentive as the pastor talked about giving one’s entire life to serve Christ. The newsman mused, “Long years ago I had asked to be saved, but had I offered to serve? I began to realize how much of me I had been holding back.” That morning the issue became clear and Paul Harvey, one of America’s best-loved broadcasters, surrendered his life to Christ.

A year later, Paul Harvey said, “Though I had learned John 3:16 early in life, it took me till last year to learn John 14:15 as well: ‘If you love Me, keep My commandments.’ The Christian life is one of obedience, not the partnership.”