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Rod was approached by a leader from an African town in which he was ministering who wanted his 2 children’s baptized. When asked how old the children were, the man responded “ages 3 and 5.” Rod thought on that a moment and replied, “John, why do you want your children baptized?

build strong relationships with your core teamJohn responded, “My wife and I have been reading the Bible and we believe that we need to have our children ready to go to Heaven.”

Oh,” said Rod, “well then, why don’t we just baptize everyone in the village? You’re a strong man, we’ll start with the oldest and work our way down, and we’ll drag them down the river one by one and put them under water.”

Puzzled, John asked “Why would we want to do that? They may not want to be baptized!

That’s right,” said Rod, “you really need to want to become a Christian to be baptized, and your children aren’t ready for that yet. Now, how about you and your wife? Are you ready to make that commitment?

Sometime later, John and his wife were baptized and raised their family to love God.