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“Samson exhibited almost all the symptoms of ‘Anti-Social Personality Disorder,’”says Dr. Eric Altschuler in Archives of General Psychiatry. Although the biblical hero is credited with extraordinary strength and remarkable exploits—such as the slaying of a lion and moving the gates of Gaza—he was also apparently a bully, a thief, and a liar, Altschuler’s evidence: failure to conform to social norms by burning the Philistines’ fields; repeated involvement in physical fights; reckless disregard for the safety of others by having killed 1,000 Philistines; and his lack of remorse, shown by his gloating after killing them.

“It should be noted that Samson also displayed many of the behaviors listed in the criteria for ‘Conduct Disorder,’ added Altschuler, ‘such as cruelty to animals, bullying, and using a weapon (the jawbone of an ass).’”