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The Bible has these three divisions or dispensations: Patriarchal, Mosaic and Christian. What does that mean to us? What could it be symbolic of? How about this…

1. Patriarchal. In any society, there must be the foundation of a strong family unit. If there is no family unit, then there is no structure. Children aren’t responsible to parents and that means no structure. Can a civilization survive without strong families? None ever have. As a matter of fact, we have civilizations crumbling right now around the world because the family is disintegrating.

2. Mosaic. It cannot stand alone, but a strong system of laws is a must for a civilization. There must be a clear standard of rights and wrongs PLUS a good system of courts and judges. No society can remain standing where everything is subjective.

As a matter of fact, God instituted laws from day # 1. Some were temporary (like the one about the tree of good and evil) and others are for the entire time we inhabit this earth.  Example Gen. 9:6 says, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” (NAS)

3. The Christian age is the third piece and this is the age of grace. With 4,000 years of history on the books (there really is no such thing as pre-historic) time has proven that good families and good laws aren’t enough. Grace and Mercy had to be added in and this was done when God paid the price we couldn’t to reconcile us to Himself.