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Plague 1 – Water to blood; god affected: The Nile was the source of Egypt’s power. There are several gods in their pantheon that draw life from the river. Khnum was the guardian of the river’s source. Hapi was the god of annual flooding of the Nile and lord of the fish. Osiris had the Nile as his bloodstream.

Plague 2 – Frogs; god affected: Heqt was an Egyptian goddess with the head of a frog.

Plague 3 – Gnats or Lice; god affected: Geb was the god over the dust of the earth.

Plague 4 – Flies; god affected: Khepri had the head of a beetle and also moved the sun.

Plague 5 – Sick Cattle: god affected: Hathor was a fertility goddess who was often depicted with the head or horns of a bull, and sometimes as a bull wearing the symbol of Hathor.

Plague 6 – Boils; god affected: Isis was the goddess of health and Imhotep was the god of healing.

Plague 7 – Hail; god affected: Nut was the goddess of the sky. Her father Shu, god of the wind and air, was a calming god.

Plague 8 – Locusts; god affected: Neper and Nepri were the god and goddess of grain. Set was the god of disorder.

Plague 9 – Darkness; god affected; Ra, the god of the sun, was the most worshipped and revered god in Egypt after the Pharaoh.

Plague 10 – Death of the First Born; god affected: This plague was a judgment on all Egyptian gods including Pharaoh himself.