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1. Who had surgery performed on him while he slept? (Genesis 2:21)

2. Who was killed as he slept in the tent of Jael? (Judges 4:21)

3. Who slept in the bottom of a ship as it rolled in a storm? (Jonah 1:5)

4. Who suggested to Jezebel’s priests that Baal was sleeping on duty? (I Kings 18:27)

5. Who slept at Bethel and dreamed about angels? (Genesis 28:11-15)

6. Who slept at David’s door while he was home on furlough? (2 Samuel 11:9)

7. Who could not sleep on the night after Haman built a gallows for hanging Mordecai? (Esther 6:1)

8. Who had troublesome dreams that kept him from sleeping? (Daniel 2:1)

9. Who was visited by an angel of the Lord while sleeping? (Matthew 2:13)

10. Who slept while Jesus prayed in Gethsemane? (Luke 22:45)

11. Who sneaked into Saul’s camp while he was asleep? (I Samuel 26:7)

12. Who spoke to Abram while he was in a deep sleep? (Genesis 15:12-16)

13. Who did not sleep while Daniel was in the lions’ den? (Daniel 6:18)

14. Who slept through a haircut? (Judges 16:19)