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An unnamed man in England was rescued in a small motorboat off the southern coast of England last month. Rescued from his own lack of judgment, as much as anything.

The man was trying to sail from the London suburb of Gillingham to Southampton on April 19th when he got a little turned around. Rescue personnel found him, with his boat out of gas, floating near the island of Sheppey, near the mouth of the Thames River. He told his rescuers that he had been trying to navigate by keeping the coastline to his right, but had ended up simply circling the 36-square mile island instead.

He might still be circling if he’d had more fuel on board.

Something tells me that this lost traveler didn’t have a lot of experience in boating. But lack of experience didn’t seem to be his only problem. His rescuers discovered that he had no navigational instruments on board and only one map.

A road map of southern England. No wonder he had trouble. He hadn’t been that way before, and he didn’t have a reliable guide for the journey.