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1) The Bible says so. 2,700 times the Bible claims to be the authentic, intentional Word of God.

2) People say so. Nine billion Bibles have been published in the last 50 years in 2,303 languages on all seven continents.

Write your vision. Make it plain.3) Continuity says so. Imagine one book written over a time span of 1600 years with 66 books inside itself penned by 40 different scholars. These authors were farmers, peasants, fishermen and even kings from three continents telling one continuous, congruent story from the first word in Genesis to the last word in Revelation. It is as if one person had written the entire book in one sitting!! Thus, the divinely inspired continuity of the Bible we have in our possession today.

4) Archeology says so. One of thousands of archeological documentations of the Bible’s historicity came in 1991 when a team of archeologists found a stone in the ancient city of Dan. The stone was from the 9th Century B.C. and read “King of Israel” and “House of David” ending a long-held skeptics criticism that “King David” as only a mythical Jewish story and not a historical King. (US News, Oct. 7, 1991) Astute archaeology and Scripture have never been in conflict.

5) Manuscript reliability says so. The New Testament has over 25,000 original manuscripts (5366 Greek, 10,000 Latin and 9,284 in other languages) in our museums today. One manuscript dates back to as little as 50 years from the original writing. The writings of Plato have only 9 manuscripts with a gap of 1300 years between the original and first copy we have in our libraries today. The New Testament has greater manuscript reliability than any Top Ten pieces of classical literature combined.

6) Accuracy says so. The Old Testament book of Isaiah was written in the time frame of 600-700 BC. In 1948 in the Qumran desert, approximately seven miles from Jerusalem, a group of sealed clay pots were discovered in a cave by a shepherd boy and contained Biblical manuscripts that were written between 100 BC and 100 AD. In one of the clay pots, a manuscript of the book of Isaiah was found. It was identical to the book of Isaiah that is in our Bible today. In the entire book, only twelve very minor variances were found.

7) Prophecy says so. Literally 100’s of prophecies made in both the Old and New Testaments centuries before the event took place have been fulfilled in both the first and second coming of Jesus with incredible candor and accuracy.

Paul the apostle writes to the Colossians in Chapter 3 verse 16 and he writes to us today, “Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”