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If He is wrong nothing else matters!!!!

A. When tempted HE believed it was authoritative. Matthew 4:4,7,10

B. He affirms it is indestructible. Matthew 5:17,18

C. He affirms it is historically accurate. Matthew 12:40-42

D. He commanded men to obey it after healing the lepers. Matthew 8:4

E. He said John the Baptist fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy. Matthew 11:9-10; 17:11-13

F. He believed David’s history of eating shewbread. Matthew 12:3-5

G. He rebuked those who put tradition above it. Matthew 15:3-9

H. He believed it was foundational for teaching. Matthew 19:2-8

I. He believed the word was inerrant to the tense of a verb. Matthew 22:32 (I am – not I was – the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob were inspired by the Holy Spirit.)

J. He believed in the inspiration of the writers of the Old Testament. Matthew 22:43; 24:15

K. He believed the Old Testament was prophetically accurate. Matthew 21:42-44; 25:54

L. He believed the Law and Prophets were sufficient to find salvation. Luke 16:31

M. He believed all the prophets spoke of Christ’s suffering and glorification. Luke 24:25-27

N. He believed that the law, the prophets, psalms spoke of Him and His resurrection. Luke 24:44-47

O. He believed in Adam and Eve, Able, Noah, Lot, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Elijah, Naamaan, Isaiah, Lot’s wife, the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

This by no means exhausts the proofs He believed the Bible was historically accurate and the very Word Of God.

If you do not believe the Bible then you’re not like the Messiah and you cannot, therefore, believe He is the Son of God and the Messiah and Savior. If you do not believe that you cannot be saved for you make Him a false teacher at best and a liar at worst.

If He believed it, I believe it.