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Author, Eric Sandras, tells a story we need to hear. It all happened on one of the early expeditions to the North Pole. In that “top of the earth” snow-white region, it is very important to stay on course. Without landmarks of any kind in this white wasteland, the explorers had to trust their instruments.

what you see guides youSo, every hour they stopped to take readings and chart their progress. However, within a few hours out of camp, they noticed a strange phenomenon. When they stopped and took readings the instruments indicated they had been moving toward the pole, but they were actually farther away.

Thinking the reading was a fluke, they continued to move forward. The next reading had them still farther away from their goal. Regardless of their determination to stay on track and their speed in the “right” direction, they were getting farther and farther from the Pole.

How could this happen? Was it someone’s version of an elaborate practical joke? Perhaps they were in a North Pole extension of the Bermuda Triangle?

Finally, they discovered that some distance back they had moved onto an enormous iceberg that was drifting south faster than they were walking north. They were doing everything right, but moving in the wrong direction.