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1. It was written by 40 authors.

2. These forty authors were from 13 countries.

3. These thirteen countries were on 3 continents (Asia, Europe, Africa).

4. These authors live over a 1500 year period.

5. They were from a variety of occupations (shepherds, kings, fishermen, tax collectors, tent makers, fruit farmers, doctors, etc.)

6. The Bible was written in 3 different languages.

7. It does not contradict one proven scientific fact.

8. It does not contain one absolute contradiction.

9. It has not been disproven by one archaeological find, but is confirmed by 1000’s of archaeological discoveries.

10. It claims to be the Word of God over 2700 times.

11. It has stood centuries of bombardments by unbelievers and skeptics and is still the world’s best seller.

12. It has transformed and comforted the souls of millions of those who have loved its promises.

13. Millions have died for their faith, having investigated its claims (both intellectually and experimentally).

14. It contains over 300 fulfilled prophecies of the person and work of Christ as well as numerous fulfilled prophecies concerning men and nations.

Books for Christian Men15. It contains history, poetry, treatises, proverbs, parables, allegories, biography, correspondence, diaries, prophecy, and apocalyptic literature. These all present one message: “God’s love for man.”

16. It has been translated into about 1500 languages.

17. The Bible is probably the only book in the world that could be reproduced by quotations from other books. In fact, it could be reproduced within hours merely from the memories of a dozen of those who love its message.

18. Remember, on the whole, the best of men have believed its message. The worst of men have denied it. Those men who believed it but persisted in their wickedness are condemned by its testimony. The good men who did not accept its message, nevertheless enjoyed the fruit of it, for civilization is the direct result of the Bible’s inroads into the world’s sin, superstition and sensuality.