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CAMELS BIBLE. In 1832 an edition had Rebekah leaving her tent to meet Isaac with a group of – not damsels – but camels.

WIFE-HATER BIBLE. An 1810 version read, “If any man come to me, and hate not… his own wife (instead of “life”), he cannot be my disciple.”

“SIN ON” BIBLE. The first English-language Bible to be printed in Ireland, in 1716, encouraged its readers to “sin on more” rather than “sin no more.”

A similar error in 1653 had declared: “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the kingdom of God?

THE WICKED BIBLE of 1631 reported the Seventh Commandment as “Thou shalt commit adultery,” a mistake that infuriated King Charles. He ordered all copies destroyed and fined all printers whose hands had touched the edition.

MURDERER’S BIBLE. This 19th-century faux pas had Mark 7:27 as “Let the children be killed” instead of “filled.”

PLACEMAKER BIBLE. A 16th Century printer had Jesus blessing the “place-makers” instead of “peacemakers.”

An American printer later substituted the “Parable of the Vinegar” for the “Vineyard.”

PRINTERS BIBLE. Perhaps King David was on target in a 1702 edition, which quoted him as saying “Printers (instead of “princes”) have persecuted me without cause.