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It was Advent, and the homework for a Sunday school class was to read Isaiah 9. The teacher asked the class how many had remembered to read the chapter. Every hand went up.

‘Wonderful!’ she thought, ‘we can have a great discussion!’

Do you remember the first verse?” Silence, while a few of the youngsters paged furiously through their Bibles trying to find Isaiah.

I’ll give you a bit of help. ‘The people who walked in darkness…’

Still no answer. “I have a candy bar for the first one who can complete the verse.

Instantly she was besieged by answers!

Events for Children at ChurchUse less electricity!

Stub their toes a lot!

Spend most of the time sleeping

Are usually burglars

Could really use a flashlight!

And about that time someone finally found Isaiah 9 and just read it.