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Who is Jesus?” says Jennifer Kondak, a Presbyterian from Royal Oak, Michigan, “That’s one of the burning questions in my life. I think it’s wonderful that scholars are still studying this. The people who make me angry are the folks who take every word of the Bible as true.

Capture the attention of your audienceAt the liberal end of the spectrum, Rev. Suzanne Paul of the Universalist-Unitarian Church of Farmington, Mich., tells her congregation that Jesus was an important teacher but not a deity. “Jesus is not a god to me, but he was a very powerful figure. I would go so far as to say that Jesus was a spiritually unique person, but then so was Buddha and so was Moses,” says Paul. The problem is that people have had Jesus around for 2000 years – so, at this point, people can make him into whatever they want.

Borg, a liberal scholar states: “For me to accept that god transformed the corpse of Jesus would not only violate my sense of the limits of the spectacular – but it would also privilege the Christian tradition and would be saying that God acted in Christianity in a way God has never acted in other religious traditions.