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During the Vietnam war, I found in the Christian bookstore a New Testament dubbed by its publisher as the “Soldier’s Shield” edition. It was like any other New Testament, except it had a 22-gauge plate of stainless steel sewn into the back cover. The idea was that if a soldier carried his special New Testament in his left front shirt pocket, God’s Word would protect his heart from that fatal bullet. Only the Lord Himself knows how many lives were saved from death in the jungle by this Bible carried in the shirt pocket.

And what other injuries maybe were averted by those who carried it in their hip pockets! Perhaps wearing it as a frontlet between the eyes would have helped still more! But if lives are saved by such a Bible, who gets the credit – the Lord? or a metal plate? To protect loved ones from bullets, give flak jackets. We should give Bibles for a different sort of protection – a protection that comes from having God’s Word in the heart, not over it.