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Spending much time reading commentaries and scholarly material on Scripture, I often get the impression that the Bible is something dead and modern Biblical scientists are dissecting its corpse. They, and, in turn church teachers and preachers, expound on conclusions gained by consensus. Scripture is confined to the ancient, something for archeology that only the moderns can decipher with our enlightened understanding. We poke and look, stare and find certain trivial things interesting. I see here boring Bible studies, empty and useless scholarly material, and the loss of our young and more.

But then the Hebrew writer mentions this business of the word of God being living and active? Bonhoeffer, and others conclude that Scripture examines the student more than vis-à-vis. Along with this thought perhaps we can see that Scripture moves at its own pace and the interested student needs to move with it. After the Student enjoys an introductory stroll, the pace picks up. It seems to me that the Body of Scripture is running at the pace of heaven, with, and in a real way, ahead of history. If so, how does one investigate this moving subject?

Events for Children at ChurchThe student runs alongside of Scripture, never ahead of and never above. The student has no real power to command God’s word to stop. And, understanding – true understanding – is not gained by looking at blurred snapshots in the safety of an obscure monastery, but rather, learning is acquired while life is going on. The student digests what he or she takes in and its nourishment spreads and gives life to the whole person, and in turn, to the whole of society, which is also in motion.