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From Haifa, Israel comes this report:

Two computer specialists and a Bible scholar at the Technion Institute of Technology fed the 20,000 words of the Bible book into a computer for linguistic analysis. Professor Yehuda Radday, who headed the team, says the computer indicated it was “quite certain” that the work was written by one person.

The National Layman Digest, 7/1/82 which reports this makes the following comment: For more than a century the “findings” of the German Historico Critico School of so-called “higher criticism” of the Bible have been injecting a venom of unbelief into the minds of young theological students. The idea came to prevail in liberal circles that the Genesis account was a later fusion of two or more accounts by different writers.

The computer agrees with the Lord Jesus Christ who said, “Had ye believed Moses, you would have believed me; for he wrote of me.