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When in sorrow, read John 14

When men fail you, Psalm 27

When you have sinned, Psalm 51

When you worry, Matthew 6:19-34

Before Church services, Psalm 84

When you are in danger, Psalm 91

When you have the blues, Psalm 34

When God seems far away, Psalm 139

When you are discouraged, Isaiah 40

If you desire to be fruitful, John 15

When doubts come upon you, John 7:17

When you are lonely or fearful, Psalm 33

When you forget your blessings, Psalm 103

For Jesus’ idea of a Christian, Matthew 5

For James’ idea of religion, James 1:19-27

For stirring of faith, Hebrews 11

When you feel down and out, Romans 8;31-39.

When you lack courage for your task, Joshua 1