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Out in the desert with no food, no water, and 3 1/2 million people – how was Moses to take care of all those people? It takes about 500 tons of food each day to feed that many – it would take 2 freight trains, each a mile long to hold it all. It would have taken 4000 tons of firewood each day to cook it. And the water! It took 3,000,000 gallons to fill that crew each day, and that doesn’t include any baths or washing laundry!

Have influence over your followersThey were headed toward the Red Sea with the Egyptian Army in pursuit. If they had walked double file, the line would have been 800 miles long? It would take them 35 days to get across! The only way they could possibly get across would be to have a space 3 miles wide and walk 500 abreast.

Then the camping space. Every time they camped, it took an area 2/3’s the size of Rhode Island (25 miles by 30 miles).

Do you think Moses figured all this out before he left Egypt? I think not! You see, Moses believed in God. God took care of these things for him. God managed to supply Moses just fine, and He will supply us as needed to accomplish His will. If God wants something done, He does it!