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A helicopter pilot who flew from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean told this story:

I was flying the helicopter back to the ship when blinding fog rolled in. Flying at low altitude, I knew that a single mistake would plunge us into the ocean. Worse yet, I was experiencing a complete loss of balance– which is common for pilots flying by instruments. This loss of balance – known as vertigo – was so bad that despite the instrument readings I was certain I was lying on my side. For fifteen minutes I flew the helicopter by its instruments, fighting the urge to turn it according to my feeling. When we finally broke safely through the fog, I was thankful I had been trained to rely on instruments rather than on feeling.

That’s what people who live by faith are doing. Feelings can be misleading, but the truths in God’s Word are reliable, trustworthy, and consistent. When we believe and act on these truths, we will find ourselves eventually breaking through the fog and experiencing the fulfillment of the divine promise.