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The church recognizes that God inspired the Bible’s 66 books. God supernaturally chose the Bible’s human authors, and He confirmed their authenticity through fulfilled prophecy or miracles. With more than 40 authors from over 19 backgrounds, the Bible’s message is consistent and without contradiction or error.

The Jews accepted books written by Moses and the prophets as part of their canon (now called the Old Testament). In the same way, Christ’s messengers were responsible for the books that are included in the New Testament.

Additionally, we would expect a book that came from God to meet certain criteria, including historical, prophetic, and scientific accuracy; a tone of authority; and a life-changing message.

The Bible accurately records historical details about people groups, cities, and customs. Archaeological finds continue to confirm these details.

Many modern scientific facts can be found in the Bible or deduced from it: the earth is round (Isaiah 40:22), the stars are countless (Genesis 15:5), living things reproduce after their kinds (Genesis 1:24–25), and there are “paths” in the oceans (Psalm 8:8).

Concerning prophetic accuracy, Old Testament passages give more than 50 prophecies of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and every prophecy (written over 400 years before His birth) came true.

The Bible’s books also claim to be God’s words in several verses, including 2 Timothy 3:16–17 and 2 Peter 1:21. In numerous places, the author says, “thus says the Lord,” laying claim to divine authorship.

The Bible’s message contains life-changing power. It convicts men of sin, brings them to the end of themselves, and then transforms them into new creatures by the power of the Holy Spirit. No other message has done this for mankind.

The Bible’s divine author gives it authority. Without being inspired by God, the Bible is just a collection of men’s writings. But what man has the authority to demand perfection of men, convict them of sin, doom them to a hopeless eternity, and offer them salvation? No man has the authority, but Christ does!