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Holy Grilled Cheese: Diana Duyser of Miami kept half of a grilled cheese sandwich with a bite out of it on her nightstand for 10 years because she thought it bore an image of the Virgin Mary. In 2005 she sold it on eBay for $28,000, issuing a statement saying: “I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.”

Holy Pretzel: Machell Naylor’s 12-year-old daughter, Crysta, of St. Paul, Nebraska, found a Rold Gold honey-mustard pretzel that looked like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. “We had a feeling of spirituality and warmth when holding it,” Naylor said, She sold it on eBay for $10,600; the money went to charity (Crysta got a pony).

Holy Chicken Breast: Edward Rouzin-Moy, a freshman at Eastern Illinois University, ordered a chicken breast in the school cafeteria. “I was about to dig in, and I looked at it,” he said. “I turned to my buddy and said ‘It looks like the Pope.’” Pope John Paul II had died just two weeks earlier. He put the breast on eBay, where it sold for $232.50.