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Western Oregon’s, Sara Tucholsky came to the plate with two runners on base. Tucholsky was a lifetime .153 hitter and had never hit a homerun. However, things were about to change. She connected on a pitch and hit a three-run homer! Due to her excitement, she missed first base. So she stopped and turned to go back to the base. But when she made the sudden stop and turn, she collapsed to the ground, having torn her ACL.

The people in the stands were shedding tears.

That’s when things got interesting. Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace, two players on the opposing team offered to carry her around the bases so that her homerun would not be counted as a single. So these two players gently picked up Tucholsky, and carried her around the bases, allowing her to tap each base along the way. After reaching home plate, these two girls handed Tucholsky off to her own teammates.

The players, the coaches, and the people in the stands were applauding and shedding tears because of this act of compassion. When asked later why she did it, Mallory Holtman said that it was senior day and that if it had happened to her, she would have wanted someone to come to her aid.