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In 1998, the coffin seals were broken for the first time in 400 years. There was a skeleton, but no skull! The researchers found a tooth on the floor of the coffin and did the DNA test on that. It was dated at about the time Luke would have been alive. But what about the head?

Research shows the body’s head was removed in 1354 and taken to Prague, where it now rests in the Cathedral of St. Vitus. (St. Vitus, by the way, is also the name of an illness that causes its sufferers to rhythmically jerk around. It is called St. Vitus’ Dance, but this is nothing to worry Luke’s head about.) But wait, there is another Luke’s head in Rome! For a time, there was some controversy over which head was genuine. The one in Prague matches up with the skeleton in the lead coffin, so it is assumed to be genuine. But is it Luke or isn’t it? Just because the body and head match doesn’t mean they belonged to Luke, the beloved physician and the companion of the Apostle Paul. The jury is still out.