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1. Church is not necessary. In other words, it’s OK to be a lone Christian. I was a lone Christian for many years. I knew no differently and I honestly didn’t know any better. Somehow in my daily reading of scripture, all the talk of the body and fellowship just flew right past me.

The saddest thing is that it was my lack of accountability and relationship that pushed me to my furthest point away from God. I would wake up every morning and feel hopeless and alone.

2. All Christians need to do is be “good” and act “nice.” That is what a “good Christian does.” This lie is one of the enemy’s greatest weapons. He wants us to believe that if we just “act” a certain way and keep up appearances (i.e. do good works apart from grace) that we will be OK.

Satan wants to convince us that we are capable, in our own strength, to accomplish God’s will, thereby rejecting the Holy Spirit. We ignore the Holy Spirit and all of His available guidance, power and counsel. We treat the Spirit as either insignificant to create change in our life, or simply irrelevant. We believe wrongly that we can “make it happen.”

3. God doesn’t care about your small things. He is much too busy with all the big issues. I have personally struggled (and still do struggle) with this lie. Somewhere along the line, we convince ourselves that God has got a lot on his plate and so we don’t bother Him with our silly little lives.

4. We believe that only preachers or those in “leadership” can, in fact, lead. They are essentially stating that you must be a professional to serve or lead within the body. The beauty, however, of the Body of Christ is that God calls ordinary men to do His extraordinary work.

5. God wants us to be happy. Happiness in scripture is usually mentioned in terms of a fleeting moment or a temporal, earthly event. Neither the scriptures or Christ (or anyone else for that matter) ever tell us that God wants us to “be happy.” He wants us to be a lot of things: righteous, holy, godly, pure, sanctified, etc. but “happy” ain’t in the list. It’s cliché, but man is it true:

God is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness.