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John Wooden was called the Coach of the Century. As a player, he won championships in high school and college. As a coach, he had an 81% winning percentage covering 40 years of coaching along with the UCLA championships. Known as the “Wizard of Westwood,” his teams won 10 championships (7 consecutively). He is the only person to make it into the basketball hall of fame as both a player and a coach.

What few people knew was that Wooden carried a small cross in his pocket and that if his team was going through a difficult stretch on the floor, he’d reach into his pocket and hold it. When he was interviewed by a reporter, that topic came up. The reporter asked him if it was some kind of religious ritual he went through. Wooden replied – No. When his team was struggling, he would reach into his pocket for the cross to remind himself that there was something more important in life than a basketball game.