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You wouldn’t think sheep would be so obstinate. Of all God’s animals, the sheep is the least able to take care of himself. Sheep are dumb! Have you ever met a sheep trainer? Ever seen sheep tricks? Know anyone who has taught his sheep to roll over? Ever witnessed a circus sideshow featuring “Mazadon and His Jumping Sheep”? No. Sheep are just too dumb. And defenseless. They have no fangs or claws. They can’t bite you or outrun you. That’s why you never see sheep as team mascots. We’ve heard of the St. Louis Rams and the Chicago Bulls and the Seattle Seahawks, but the New York Lambs? Who wants to be a lamb? You couldn’t even stir up a decent yell for the cheerleaders:

We are the sheep.
We don’t make a peep.
Victory is yours to keep.
But count on us if you want to sleep.

What’s more, sheep are dirty. A cat can clean itself. So can a dog. We see a bird in a birdbath or a bear in a river. But sheep? They get dirty and stay that way.

Couldn’t David have thought of a better metaphor? Surely he could have. After all, he outran Saul and outgunned Goliath. Why didn’t he choose something other than sheep? How about:

 “The Lord is my commanding in chief, and I am his warrior.” There. We like that better. A warrior gets a uniform and a weapon, maybe even a medal. Or,
 “The Lord is my inspiration, and I am his singer.” Who wouldn’t like to be a spokesperson for God? Or,
 “The Lord is my king, and I am his ambassador.” Who wouldn’t like to be a spokesperson for God? Everyone stops when the ambassador speaks.