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Most of us have been straightening up around the house at some time and stumbled upon something that we weren’t expecting. Maybe it’s something that we thought was lost or a memento that we’d forgotten about. But few of us have found a 500-year-old mural.

According to the BBC, that’s exactly what happened to Rhodri and Angie Powell of Milverton, England. While renovating their home, they uncovered a 20-foot-high painting of King Henry VIII which was created about 1530. Michael Liversidge of Bristol University called the discovery “stunningly exciting and of national importance.” He went on to say that the painting would have been done as an expression of loyalty to the king.

I can’t help but wonder how the mural came to be hidden. Was it a political act by someone who disagreed with the King’s policies? Or was it merely a choice by a later owner with different tastes in wall decor? What would motivate you to cover up such a work of art?

The Bible says that each of us was made in the image of God. That’s a masterpiece beyond compare, yet I find that too many of us spend our lives trying to cover up that image. Rather than seeking to perfect our reflection of God’s image, we look to other patterns, other models for our lives.

We’re covering up a masterpiece.