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Born-again Christians — the term usually referring to evangelical Protestants, according to christianpost.com — are more likely to believe in traditional elements of the faith, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll. Examples include 92 percent who believe in the devil and hell, in comparison to Catholics who believe in the devil at 73 percent (hell at 75%) and Protestants who believe in the devil at 79 percent (hell at 78%).

Interestingly, 89 percent of born-again Christians believe in the virgin birth, as compared to Catholics at 72 percent or Protestants at 79 percent. Fewer born-again Christians believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution at 16 percent, compared to Catholics at 43 percent and Protestants at 30 percent. Born-again Christians are more likely to believe in miracles (95%) than Catholics (87%) or Protestants (89%).

Born-again Christians believe that the Old Testament and the New Testament are mostly the Word of God (88% and 86% respectively); while only 33 percent believe that The Torah is the word of God, even though it is the same as the first five books of the Old Testament.