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A recent article reveals the startling statistics of the changing values of Born-Again believers. The report stated rather shockingly that “Born-agains” as they are termed now fall into many categories.

  • 35% of Born-Agains do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
  • 52% don’t believe that the Holy Spirit is a living entity.
  • A significant amount, 45%, don’t believe that Satan exists.
  • 29% believe that they can communicate with the dead and
  • 33% accept same-sex marriage as being O.K.

The research further pointed out however that Born-Agains who were called “Evangelicals” were stricter in their faith. They did not adhere to these deviant beliefs like other so-called believers.

Interestingly enough, 51% of all atheists now believe in a literal heaven and hell. One out of 8 atheists now believe that receiving Christ as Savior can bring eternal life.