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Centuries ago somebody began spreading the false idea that the Christian life is to be understood in terms of two arenas — sacred and secular. Sacred places are church buildings. Sacred events are those such as worship or baptism or weddings. Sacred people are preachers or church officers.

Go out into all the worldThe remainder of life was declared secular. So farms, stores, and schools were secular places. Surgery and manufacturing, accounting and teaching, driving and watching TV — all were labeled secular. And ordinary people doing the routine and humdrum things of shopping, eating, and reading are secular.

But that is so terribly wrong. In God’s plan for human existence, it makes no sense. In light of Christ’s teaching, work is witness.

I can grant that there is a sense of the sacred and holy in a church assembled for worship that is missing from a crowded, noisy office. But, work is sacred, too. It is holy by virtue of divine presence you bring to it as a person filled with God’s Spirit and participating in God’s creative work.