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Google really does give free traffic to non-profits, even faith based entities, like churches.

Who’d a thunk?

Proof of Google Grant Free Adwords Results

In the first week of receiving traffic from Google for search terms such as –

Here’s a visual of the results.

When was Jesus Born?

What is the meaning of life?

30 Years Online And …

I have been working in the online space for a long time … since the 80s. Wow! That’s over 30 years!

Okay, I am old, and can’t get around it.

For too long the church has been taking a back seat to the self-help industry. It’s time for the church to take the lead on making the world, person by person a better place.

I had heard of the Google Grant in the past but just never got around to it.

Christians Online Produce Results, too

Then the folks at the Searchable Church decided to make it their mission in life to get churches on board.

I reached out … they reached back. (Actually, I got turned down the first time … I’ll write about that some other time) … but got accepted the second time around. Clarity works wonders I suppose.

I posted a one week snapshot at a preacher’s group I belong to in Facebook … and don’t you know it, another preacher replied – How?

If or when he follows through … that’ll be another church that Google sends folks to hear an abbreviated form of the Gospel.

Give Us More People

Give Us More People

How Many Churches are Getting Free Google Traffic?

At last count there were 72 churches taking advantage of Google’s kindness resulting in nearly 300K visits to local church web sites.

Is your church on board?

How to Get On Board

Ask me how in the comments below.

Oh … and it’s 100% FREE. Really. I am a Christian. I wouldn’t like to you.