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Creator is NOT ALmost mighty

The Creator God spoke into existence the world, the universe as we know it not long ago.

The Creator God is almighty … not almost almighty. That is, the Creator God was able to speak into existence:


In this miracle of Jesus where Jesus feeds 5,000 men along with wives and children who were there we get an eye witness’ account of Jesus creating something.

Mystery of the Multiplying Fish and Bread Solved

The mystery of how the fish and the loaves multiplied is solved when we understand that the additional fish and bread appeared from his hands. He created what was needed right there right then.

Jesus did not stretch the fish and loaves and keep breaking off pieces.

After Jesus broke off a piece, the fish and the bread did not miraculously grow back to whole so he could break off more.

When Jesus took a piece of fish or bread out of the basket, the basket did not miraculously or otherwise cause to appear more fish and more bread.

Jesus broke the bread and the fish and after pronouncing a eulogy he broke them and continued to give more, that is the fish and bread appeared from out of his hands. Jesus could create. He had done it before … at the creation of the universe.

What we think of the Creator is what we think of Jesus

What we think of the Creator, that he is Almighty is important. Because what we think of the Creator God is what we think of Jesus.

Jesus, too is almighty. Jesus, too, could create anything, out of nothing, instantly.

We see in this miracle what Jesus can do if we give him a little to work with.

What if we were to give him a lot?

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