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Does Jesus have a sense of humor?

Funnier than Camels and Needles

I am certain that he does.

Most folks will point to the metaphor Jesus used about the camel going through the eye of a needle being easier than for a rich person to get into heaven. It’s a funny picture.

But I think we can see in the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000, a real indication of how funny Jesus can be. I touch on this near the end of this sermon.

But for those too impatient to watch … I am impatient when online, too … the humor of Jesus displays itself at the clean up after feeding the 5000.

Incongruity is a source of good humor. In this case:

Jesus Asks for the Unlikely

When Jesus asks his disciples to pick up all the leftovers we find that they accumulated 12 baskets full.

The question then is – where did they get the baskets?

The disciples would use baskets to carry their belongings when on a trip or evangelistic tour. Kind of like our luggage.

When Jesus asked his disciples to pick up all the left overs, the disciples would have had to empty out their ‘luggage’ and use their baskets to pick up all the food. Easy enough. But then the disciples’ iPads, underwear, toothbrushes and electric razors would have been left in a pile on the ground.

More Than They Could Handle

When Jesus said, “Let’s go!” you will get a picture in your mind of each disciple holding a basket full of food (bread and fish) under one arm and all their belonging bundled up the best they could muster under their other arm. Picture yourself trying to carry a dryer full of clothes without dropping anything while carrying another full basket. It’s hard enough to empty a dryer with both arms.

“Jesus! Hang on. How can we carry all this?”


Give Jesus a little and watch him to do a lot.

Give Jesus what you have and he will give back to you more than you can carry.

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