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What can the d-church do that the physical or local church cannot? Or how can the digital church complement the efforts of the local church?

D-church is not a replacement for the physical church

Digital Church

Digital Church

It would be impossible to improve on what Jesus had in mind when he established the church.

Jesus Foresaw the Digital Church

I also find it impossible that Jesus could not foresee what is available to the church today that was not around in the first century.

Would Jesus not take advantage of the tools and mediums that are available to the church today? I remember when I was in Bible college we debated whether Jesus would have a car or not.

Not surprisingly, there were two camps and very few people in the middle.

Would Jesus want the church to avail itself of digital tools and online platforms?

I think so.

6 Activities of the Digital Church

Is the online platform the end game? Of course not. I think we still need physical contact … but that’s a different post.

The digital church (d-church) can do things that the physical church cannot.

  1. Life.church offers an online platform that will allow anyone in the world to log on and text chat in their heart language with instant translation. Viewers can talk to one another while listening to the sermon. Or they can just listen.
  2. D-church can offer up sermons and instruction 24/7/365.
  3. If a church knows how and actively grows its followers (example – Twitter) the church can broadcast in real-time to its followers and followers can, in turn, connect and interact/engage with one another.
  4. The d-church can create a many to many platform for interaction.
  5. The d-church can offer training and materials for training for a fraction of the costs that the physical church needs in the form of e-books, e-learning.
  6. In a one to many arrangement, think preacher to a congregation of any size, there can be multiple folks ‘raising their hands’ at the same time and asking questions or giving instant feedback. The alert preacher can make adjustments accordingly.  Imagine preparing a sermon but going off on a tangent because there was immediate and necessary feedback right there, right then.
I can think of more … but am curious to know what ideas there are in the group.

Got Thoughts on the Digital Church?

 How can the d-church complement the physical church (p-church) or local church (l-church)?
Got thoughts?