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Marketers were considered a sleazy bunch when I was growing up.

Sleazy Church Marketers?

I am not sure the perception has changed. I am not sure marketers have changed. They may indeed be a sleazy bunch.

Prayer for Church Growth

Prayer for Church Growth

Churches … want to be ‘pure.’  Churches don’t want to feel like they have to ‘sell’ their product – Jesus.

Churches want to think they have what the masses want and if they just open their doors on Sundays, the masses will come en-masse to mass, or worship or to fellowship.

Yeah, how’s that working.

Open the Doors, Where’s All the People?

By some accounts, less barely one in 6 Americans attend worship on the weekends.

Less than 25% attend 3 times in 2 months!

If it were a contest of some sort, the church would be losing … losing out on getting the attention of would-be worshipers.

I never thought that the church should try to fight the devil on the devil’s terms. The church should, however, make use of the tools that are available.

Bible College Students Debate Stupid Things

I remember when I was in Bible college, we used to debate whether Jesus would have had a car or not. To be sure, there were people on both sides. Go figure.

When VCRs and portable movie projectors came on the scene … more debate.

Would Jesus approve of the church using social media platforms and networks to reach out to the lost?

I’ll go with – What a stupid question!

We don’t fight on the devil’s terms. We do, however, “become all things to all men that we might win some.”

All Things to All People

If there are 50 people or 500 people or 5,000 people over ‘there’ why would I not want to be able to reach out in some way to those people – on their terms?

I cannot be all things to all people, but there is someone in the church who could be the right person for the right group … including online groups on Facebook or Twitter or ….

Is the church becoming sleazy by using these tools to market itself or is the church becoming relevant?

I’ll go with relevant. How about you?