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The thing that I think most church pastors and preachers struggle with the most when getting online is consistently posting blogs. By consistently, I mean several a week–maybe even several a day.

Living and breathing blog posts is hard for me to do because it is not my passion, but giving people helpful information is important to me.
Super Blogging Preacher

Super Blogging Preacher

 Set Weekly Blogging Goals

I would say that the key to finding your blogging rhythm as a pastor or preacher is to make a goal for the week and give yourself until the end of the week to meet your goals.
For example, I am a very busy person, just like anyone else. I have one thing going on right after the other each day of the week.
Finding time to just sit and write is a chore in and of itself.
While in school at Cincinnati Christian University, I had a lot of assignments to complete in a short amount of time in addition to writing blog posts.

Create a Weekly Schedule to Include Blogging

 It got to the point where I created a chart that had each week’s goal listed and then a place for me to mark what I actually accomplished.
This worked really well, especially toward the end of the semester.
Finding your blogging rhythm is one thing. Sticking with it is another thing.

Get an Accountability Partner

 To stick with it, find someone to keep you accountable. This may be your spouse, a friend, or a fellow blogger.
At the very least, start with a small number of posts per week. Once you become more fluent and have more ideas, you can increase this number as time goes on.
Just remember that the more you write, the more likely someone will find your posts as they seek help.